Dab Oil Rigs For Sale and Dab Bongs In Stock and Ready To Ship

Dab Rigs are glass bongs designed specifically for dabbing legal extracts like wax, oil, shatter, crumble, and many other forms [Weed Wax For Sale]. Wax Dab rigs are really effective because a dab nail is torched before dabbing the extract on to it, and there goes the oil rig chemistry. This allows you to control how hot the nail is, and will also let you vaporize whatever type of extract you have whether its light crumble or shatter.

StanaWeed.com team has dedicated countless hours to curate the perfect selection of high quality dab rigs. We work closely with many local brands like Helix, Diamond Glass and MAV Glass to bring you exclusive group deals on amazing pieces, unlike those cheap dab rigs and heady glass oil rigs for sale on amazon that break after one use. We offer thick pieces in all the newest designs like Recyclers, Incyclers, and Mini Dab Rigs.

To complement your rig we also carry titanium nails, quartz banger nails, reclaimers, dab tools, and much more which come as freebies when you place an order. Whether you are shopping for cheap dab rigs for sale or a nice recycler, you can expect high quality merchandise and the fastest free shipping of any online headshop. All of our items are in stock, and shipped out immediately from our warehouses in California, Florida and Texas

Here’s All You Need to Get Started:

  • Dab Rig
  • Nail
  • Torch
  • Dab Tool

Shopping for a dab rig with titanium nail has never been easier, no longer do you have to feel rushed by your local smoke shop as you can order glass rigs for wax and dabbing wax pipes online. You can shop comfortably at your own pace and read reviews from real customers. We add water test videos daily, but if there is something you would like to see the function of, go ahead and contact us we will do our best to get it up for you

Whether you are a new or hardcore smoker, we’ve got everything you need to start dabbing.

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Have any questions about our oil rigs or dab rigs at StanaWeed.com? Feel Free Contact us at weedstana@gmail.com

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Android – Concentrates and Dry Herbs

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Clear Glass Dab Rig Bong

$230.00 $200.00
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Deluxe Bubbler Bong w/ Dry Herb and Wax

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Dual Propeller Dab Rig

$280.00 $250.00
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Hourglass Honeycomb Dab Rig

$350.00 $320.00
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Inline Dual Action Bubbler

$340.00 $290.00
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Klein Style Internal Recycler

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Stax Andromeda Kit

$345.00 $300.00
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Stax Orion Bong Kit

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Swing Concentrate Rig

$200.00 $170.00
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