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Premium THC/CBD cannabis concealed and delivered home. Buy marijuana online in Canada, USA, nationwide or worldwide! Can-packed cannabis stays potent and fresh! YES, WE CAN!

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Our technology provides an experience for patients that is safer than alternatives with a level of professional commerce and innovation. You’re a few clicks away from having your medicine delivered to your door, quickly, discreetly, and without hassles.

Lab-Tested StrainsBrowse our product line of cannabis
strains, concentrates, edibles, vapes,
and more! With bud and extracts ranging from budget to AAAA quality, we want you to have total confidence in what you’re getting from our dispensary as you make the move to buying your marijuana online.
Free Fast deliveryStana Weed Dispensary covers FREE shipping on all orders anywhere in The United States & Canada Only.  Orders are shipped when payment is processed and shipping is secure, discrete, and it only takes few days. Worldwide delivery also offered.
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Safe & AccessibleBuying weed online has been made safe as all data is stored in our offshore servers. We take every precaution to ensure that your medical marijuana orders are 100% safe and secure. Find the perfect flower, concentrate or edible and add to cart! It’s never been easier to mail order weed!
100% InsuredIn the rare event that your order is lost in the mail, we’ll re-ship it to you for free or refund with eligibility. We know our customers rely on our mail order weed for medical care especially pain management, and we take that very seriously. 

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Sativa is great for day time use. If you’re looking to focus, be creative or laugh, it’s is a great choice

Hybrid strains are the best of both worlds. Great combination of medical and recreational benefits

Indica strains are generally for night time use. There are many medical properties. Usually induces a couch lock effect and relaxes you

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Air-Tight and Odourless

Our cannabis is canned in small batches as it is cured. We seal each can with an easy to open pop-top lid to create an air-tight and completely odourless package—that is, until you pop the lid and inhale the ripe, harvest-fresh aroma.

Conj PowerPack Features Image 7

Re-Usable & 100% Recyclable

Each can includes a plastic lid to provide the ultimate scentless package, and makes it easy to store weed even after opening your can. Discreet and easy to store, our canned weed keeps your cannabis safe as you travel.

Conj PowerPack Features Image 8

Inhibits Mold, Bacteria & Microorganisms

Canned weed is the best way to prevent oxidation and moulding, so we can our cannabis, and remove any oxygen to contain freshness.

Conj PowerPack Features Image 9

100% Food Grade & Safe

Once you’ve tried our canned cannabis, you won’t be able to go back to stuffing your weed in a plastic bag, jar, or any other method. This easy disguise is done for all packages

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