Grapefruit Haze | Sativa


Grapefruit Haze offers users a cerebral happy high that comes in waves and lasts throughout the day. Not unlike its mother, this strain provides full body relaxation and an airy euphoria that leaves you feeling uplifted. This strain is good to use any time of day as it stimulates your mood and gives you little bouts of energy while still giving you a relaxed feeling.
Effects: creative vibe, euphoric mood, increased energy, sleepiness, relaxation, calmness, happiness, uplifted mood, giggliness, improved focus, dry eyes, dry mouth
May Relieve: anxiety, depression, pain, chronic pain, insomnia, headaches, migraines, stress, fatigue, lack of appetite


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Although it comes with relatively modest levels of THC, with such strong and world-famous genetics, it’s no wonder the Grapefruit Haze marijuana strain has such heavy punch. As for the THC levels of this hybrid, it reaches between 16% and 25% of this precious cannabinoid on average, giving the user a perfectly balanced set of effects that are not overwhelming at all.

The buds of this well-balanced hybrid are in olive green and brownish hues. Grapefruit Haze produces beautiful fluffy buds that are sprinkled with twisting orange and red pistils and covered with a nice coat of trichomes and resin.

Grapefruit Haze gives off the aroma of spice and diesel. As for the flavor, when smoking this bud you will get a nice herbal and citrus taste on your tongue that lasts hours after the smoking session is over.

A very rare find indeed. It doesn’t come around much but we were lucky enough to snag a little bag of this and can offer to our wonderful people on here.

The high is primarily cerebral, with euphoria, a boost of energy, and a shot of creativity. The giggles are also common when using this strain. THC levels are relatively modest, topping 16-25% in available tests, so this is a good choice for part-time tokers and newcomers. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, and other headaches are among the best medical uses for Grapefruit Haze. The flavor and smell of this strain are fruity with hints of spice, and the bud is green with orange hairs.


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