Raspberry Cough | Sativa


Raspberry Cough weed belongs to those marijuana strains that can guarantee the happiest and most productive day of your life after smoking their buds. Perfect for a long day at the office or to get psyched up to clean the house, this strain is great for early morning use or any time you need a midday pick me up. Along with this new sense of productivity, you’ll also find your mood has been lifted and stress simply melts away. As the high continues, you may feel a warming sensation throughout your body, which adds to a feeling of relaxation while still being completely functional.


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Raspberry Cough is a 70% sativa strain cultivated by Nirvana Seeds. A spin-off of a Cambodian landrace and ICE, Raspberry Cough exhibits clear-headed upbeat effects good for productivity.

Appearance-wise, the nugs of Raspberry Cough are small and round, with a few pistils here and there, and a generous layer of trichomes enveloping their surface. Once you put your nose in the jar full of its flowers, the Raspberry Cough marijuana strain will deliver sweet berry aromas underlined by an earthy nuttiness that hits the nostrils immediately.

If you fancy the above aromas, here’s some good news — it carries over to Raspberry Cough’s taste. You may also notice a little bit of spiciness in its flavor profile, which contributes to an amazing experience for your taste buds.

The hybrid also comes with plenty of medical applications. Marijuana patients use Raspberry Cough to fight fatigue, relieve anxiety, chronic pain, and even asthma. Unlike many medical marijuana strains, Raspberry Cough will not leave you glued to the couch. Instead, it can make you cough like crazy — this mostly applies to inexperienced users — but it will pack twice as much energy into you, which is totally worth the hassle.

If your finals are piling up over your head, or you’re writing a book and need a jolt of creative energy to keep casting the letters onto the paper, Raspberry Cough sativa will meet all of your expectations and even more. Those who like to indulge in sweet and complex buds will love the way how this hybrid tastes and feels, let alone its amazing medicinal profile.


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