Watermelon Shatter

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Watermelon Shatter is Indica dominant and valued for its high THC content, vibrant and fruity flavor profile, and relaxing effects. This shatter will give you balanced effects that can be described as energetic and uplifting while also relaxing the body and mind. Go ahead, take a load off with Watermelon Shatter, you deserve it!
Taste & smells like: Sweet, Citrus, Tropical
Feels like: uplifted, euphoric, energetic, Happy, Focused
Quantity: 1 Gram

Best Use
Watermelon Shatter, although an indica has strong sativa like effects of euphoria making it a great daytime Indica shatter. This shatter strain will uplift you with boosts of newfound energy for your favorite outdoor activities, without any desire to cop out on the couch. Watermelon Shatter has been described by medical patients as an anxiety killer, an appetite stimulant and an excellent sleep aid when used in the evening. Laos reported to be effective in treating stress, moderate levels of pain and depression.

Like the name implies, this strain has a distinct fruity watermelon flavor profile, combined with the sweetness of a grape and hashy undertones. Watermelon Shatter will set off a flavor explosion you won’t soon forget, finishing with the essence of sweet berries and flavors of the tropics.

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