Juul Pods and Cannabis Oil

Weed is now legal in Canada, and you don’t just have to smoke it. In fact, there are now tons of options when it comes to how you want to consume your cannabis. In addition to things like edibles and topicals, many people nowadays choose to vape their cannabis. Even when it comes to vaping you have multiple options- take, for example, Juuls and cannabis oil.

Cannabis oils come with THC, CBD or both. They can be fantastic for both recreational and medical use. While you can use these with any vape pen, e-cigarette or vaporizer, a popular choice is to use Juuls. Here’s a guide to Juuls and cannabis oil.

What are Cannabis Oils?

For those who have never tried cannabis oils, these are liquid-based cannabis products that contain THC, CBD, and often other cannabinoids. You can ingest these in multiple ways to get the medical and recreational effects of cannabis.

One example is THC/CBD Oils and Tinctures. These are oils that you simply drop under your tongue and hold them there to absorb. You can get the effects of the cannabinoids within minutes. Whether you want the fun psychoactive effects of THC or wide-ranging medical benefits of CBD, this is a very convenient way to get them.

However, there are also cannabis oils designed for vaping. These are often known as vape oils or e-juices. These can be used with all kinds of vaporizers. You just add some of the oil into the chamber of your vape and heat it up to create vapor. You can then inhale the vapor for instant effects.

What is Vaping?

Vaping or vaporizing is a smokeless method of cannabis consumption. Vaping can be done with all kinds of products, from cannabis flower to concentrates like hash and wax. However, most vapes are designed for use with special vape oils and e-juices.

Research shows that many users prefer vaping over smoking when it comes to cannabis. It provides a clear-headed high with no burnt chemicals. This means less harmful toxins and less residual damage to your lungs over time.

2018 study also found that vaping actually provides stronger effects than smoking. When you vape cannabis, it seems your body absorbs more THC. You will also experience more of the flavor of your product. This makes vaping a very attractive option- it’s healthier, more flavorful, and delivers more potent effects.

To vape, all you need is a vaporizer or vape pen. These come in many different forms and are often also known as e-cigarettes. There are also specific brands of vape pens. For instance, many people nowadays use a Juul- a specific kind of vape pen which is used with pods.

What are Juuls?

A Juul is a popular brand of vape pen or e-cigarette which you can use with specially designed Juul pods. It’s a small, rectangular device that you can add small square pods to filled with oil for the purpose of vaporizing.

According to statistics from Nielsen, Juuls now represent around 75% of the e-cigarette market. The simple and easy-to-use form makes it an attractive product for many users who wish to vape. While many people use Juuls with tobacco pods, you can also find Juul pods with THC, CBD or both.

Juul pods with cannabis oil allow you to vape THC/CBD with your Juul, leading to fantastic medical and recreational effects. What’s more, if you can’t find cannabis Juul pods, you can also buy refillable Juul pods and simply fill them with cannabis oil. This means that those with the popular form of e-cigarette can Juul cannabis oil safely and easily.

Why Use Juuls and Cannabis Oil?

Juuls have become a favorite choice for many vapers due to their sleek design and ease-of-use. Juul pods are often available in recreational stores and CBD stores, as well as online. What’s more, you can also buy empty, refillable Juul pods to use with whatever kind of vape oil you want.

Many people use Juuls with the cannabis oil as a fun and easy way to vape. You can buy THC Oil or CBD Oil and fill up your Juul pod with it. It’s safer than smoking and a very quick way to get the powerful effects of cannabinoids.

Why Use Juuls and Cannabis Oil


Many people nowadays use Juuls and cannabis oil for a safe, healthy, and potent way to get the effects of cannabis. Of course, other vape pens and vaporizers work just as well, and there are plenty of cannabis oils and cartridges to suit your needs.

Vaping is much healthier than smoking as it involves no burning toxins. Vapor can also give you a stronger and purer high with strong effects of THC. It also gives you the full effects of the terpenes in cannabis so you can really enjoy the taste. All in all, vaping is a fantastic way to enjoy cannabis oils and other such products.

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