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colorful dab rigs


Intense artistry makes the Hardcore Bullet Bill Dab Rig a must-have. The 7-inch Empire Glassworks water pipe is inspired by Super Mario’s fierce competitor, Bullet Bill. These glass masters have over four decades creating their signature style of handworked colors and over-the-top detail. Crafted in California, this rig boasts 100% made in USA quality. Bullet Bill puts on his most hardcore vibe with twelve burnt orange rockets flanking the design. Bill himself sits atop a flattering fat can chamber that’s fitted with a popular inline perc. This rig features a 14mm male joint, paired with a convenient banger nail and carb cap. The extended arm and open-top banger shape gives you total control with the dabber, while an always-welcome carb cap channels every wisp of vapor into this top shelf concentrate pipe. Super Mario fans can browse our wide selection of themed pipes, rigs, and accessories on HelloGanja.com