Learn about Vape Pens and Cartridges

What is a vape pen

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total vape newbie, you’re sure to find some useful info in this comprehensive guide to all things vape! Read on to find out why vape pins and eCigs are so great, learn how to use them, and more.

Why Is Vaping So Popular?

Vapes and eCigarettes have been rising in popularity over the years. Not too long ago, hardly anyone had heard of them. Now, the vape industry is booming! Some people like vapes because they help them quit or reduce their smoking habit more easily. Vapes let smokers avoid the dangerous chemicals that are present in regular cigarettes, while still getting a hit of nicotine. In addition, they eliminate the dangers of secondhand smoke, so they are much safer to use around other people. Vapes are widely considered to be much healthier and less risky than the other options out there.

Vaping is also popular among cannabis users, for a variety of reasons. Some opt to vape for health reasons, just like many cigarette smokers do. Others think that vaping is more enjoyable than smoking pot since you don’t get any smoke in your lungs. It is also a lot more discreet if you’re in public. In addition, people cite that the flavor is far cleaner and better (understandable since you’re not actually burning it!). Though vaping does have a reputation for not getting you as high, that’s not quite the truth. The effects might be delayed and you might need to take more puffs than you would normally would with other methods, but vaping can actually pack quite a punch!

Pen Style vs. Cigarette Style: Which Is Right for Me?

Wondering what type of vape to purchase? It depends on whether you are just looking for a recreational vape pen, or if you’re looking for an easier way to quit smoking cigarettes.

Vape Pens

Pen-style vapes are long, thin, stylized tubes that basically look like fancy pens—no surprise there! They come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and features. You can get tiny and discreet ones, brightly colored ones, larger but more powerful options… the sky is the limit! Here at Stana Weed, we offer vape pens that will suit anyone’s needs. Shop for vape pens and vape pen kits here.

Cigarette Style Vapes

Cigarette-style eCigs offer a smooth transition from traditional cigarettes. They look and feel similar to actual cigarettes. They’re small in size (usually smaller and more discreet than vape pens), easily portable, and easy to use. Many are designed to look like cigarettes and come in a pack to simulate the real cigarette experience. They are usually a good way to create a comfortable transition into the vaping world. However, there aren’t as many choices of flavors and strengths as you’ll get with a vape pen. The colors and styles of cigarette-style eCigs are more limited than the styles of vape pens. Many people start out with cigarette-style vapes and then transition to a vape pen at some point.

Getting to Know your Vape Pen

If you’ve never used a vape pen before, we’ll unravel some of the mysteries for you! Vape pens are quite simple and they only have a few parts. Read on to learn a little bit about each part of your new eCig, or check out vaporizers here.

  • Tank or Cartridge—Your vape pen/eCig will either have a tank (if it’s refillable) or a vape cartridge (if it’s a single-use eCig). The tank or cartridge holds the e-liquid. Tanks are made out of polycarbonate plastic, glass, or stainless steel. We like the plastic or glass varieties because you can see how much liquid is in there.
  • Atomizer—The atomizer is a tiny heating element inside your vape pen. They convert the liquid e-juice into tiny, airborne droplets that you then inhale.
  • Sensors—Many vape pens turn on automatically when you inhale. Others require you to push a button to activate the atomizer. Either way, this requires a sensor.
  • Battery—Vape pens and eCigs are powered by small but mighty lithium-ion batteries. These rechargeable batteries power the heating element. There are several battery options available. The bigger the battery, the longer it lasts. Depending on the battery and depending on how much you vape, the battery may or may not last all day. You might want to take a spare battery with you wherever you go.
  • Charger—Every vape pen should come with a charger. The charger tends to screw right on to the end of your vape pen (with the tank off) and most have an indicator that shows when they are fully charged and ready to go. USB chargers, car chargers, and wall chargers are all available. The chargers are pretty much the same as phone chargers.

How to Use a Vape Pen

First of all, make sure it’s charged! Plug it in right away when you get it out of the box so that you can start using it as soon as possible.

If you are using a vape pen with a refillable tank, you’ll need to fill it with liquid. Don’t fill it all the way to the top—your vape pen will probably have a marker on it showing you how much to fill it.

Next, put the pieces of the vape pen together. This varies depending on the particular vape pen you’ve purchased, but usually, you will just need to screw the battery, tank, and mouthpiece together and you’ll be good to go.

Once it’s all charged, loaded, and put together- you are ready to get started. If your new vape pen is button activated, you’ll need to press the button first. Many have safety features so you might have to push the button several times in succession—read the instructions to find out. If your vape pen doesn’t have a button, it’s mouth activated and you will only need to put your mouth on the mouthpiece and inhale! Some tips for inhaling: don’t suck very hard or you won’t get a good hit. A slow, steady, gentle draw is best. And, you won’t need to hold the hit in—you will absorb everything you need in a normal breath.

What Is a Vape Mod?

If you really want to get the ultimate vaping experience (and who doesn’t?), you’ll want to get a vape mod. Mods have the same basic parts as a regular vape pen, but they’re more powerful and functional, with lots of flexibility. Vape mods can allow you to get a stronger hit, more potent flavor, and longer battery life than basic vape pens. They can have different size batteries, different materials for the wicks, different heating coils, and more. Once you really get into vaping and you know what you like, you should definitely consider getting a mod kit. At Stana Weed, we offer a variety of mods in all shapes and sizes!